Bear Excellence Committee for Student Service

The Bear Excellence Committee for Student Service exists for three reasons: to celebrate, to advise, and to resource exceptional student service initiatives within the Mercer University.

These initiatives take place in both the small and large ways that Mercer staff go above and beyond to create the “Mercer Experience” for thousands of students every day.  In doing so, our staff carry out the mission statement of Mercer University: To Teach, To Learn, To Create, To Discover, To Inspire, To Empower, To Serve.

We will serve Mercer students by ...

The Four "Paws" of Student Service Excellence at Mercer


Devotion to the singular goal of helping Mercer students succeed by going above and beyond their job description.


Promoting a welcoming community through warmth and inclusivity for all Mercer students and employees.


Cultivating high standards of technical, ethical, and professional expertise.


Learning and utilizing the processes, tools, and skills necessary to create student-centered solutions.

Who are we?

The Bear Excellence Committee for Student Service is comprised of staff and faculty members representing the university’s numerous campuses, academic centers, departments, and areas of student support.

Dr. Elkins
Kim Eccles
Nathan Cost